PSG has presented their new striker,and former AC Milan top goalscorer,Zlatan Ibrahimovic who signed a three-year contract. Ibrahimovic is the biggest star which Arabs brough since they took PSG.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is this year’s fourth reinforcement of PSG, and before him came Lavezzi, Thiago Silva and Verratti.

Ibrahimovic has spent the past two seasons at AC Milan, and last year was the best scorer. It’s hard to say that this transfer was expected..

“Here, an interesting project they want to create,and i want to be part of it. PSG wants to do incredible things and I am happy here. We want to win trophies,” said Ibrahimovic.

“All I can say it was very beautiful in Milan for me. I was happy at the club and i wish them all the best in the future.”

For Ibrahimovic transfers until now was paid nearly 170 million euros. After Ajax, Juventus,Inter,Barcelona and AC Milan,will PSG be his last club?

“It is still early to think about it. I just signed for PSG and I want to win titles here,” said Ibrahimovic who claims that he wasnt leave AC Milan because he was in conflict with Milan coach Allegri.

“Nobody influenced on me. This is my choice and i wanted it. This is a new chapter in my life. I will continue to give my best.”

“I left Italy because the future is here. What happens in Italy is not my concern. Without me and Thiago Silva, Serie A will be poorer.”

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