Recently, there was talk about Jose Mourinho replacing Louis Van Gaal as Manchester United manager. This post is going to explain to you, why this would be very stupid for Manchester United.

When Jose Mourinho was finally sacked as Chelsea manager, there was a lot of unhappiness from Chelsea fans. They made there feelings  known when Chelsea played against Sunderland. That unhappiness lasted until Branislav Ivanovic opened up the scoring (which was rather soon).

Chelsea won that game quite comfortably, which didn’t happen that often when Mourinho was around (at least not this season).

Some Chelsea fans are still blaming the board, and the players, but they are missing the fact that Jose Mourinho is the perfect ‘short term manager’

Mourinho does bring you trophies, but he just doesn’t last. He has been managing clubs for about 13 years, and has never been able to stay longer than 3 seasons at any club. Mourinho basically comes, wins, and leaves. Mourinho has finished another cycle, and frankly Chelsea fans should be glad it ended sooner than later.

Manchester United has had turbulent weeks behind them. They got eliminated from Champions League, and they have lost to Bournemouth, and Norwich City. They have endangered their prospect of finishing in Champions League places, while also destroying their possibility of winning the Premier League this season.

Naturally, United fans are not happy, and they want to get rid of Louis Van Gaal, while replacing it with Jose Mourinho.

In different circumstances that would actually made sense, but not now, and not at United.

Manchester United is still in process of building a solid team. They need a consistent manager, who can get them to play together effectively. Louis Van Gaal has done this in the past, and he can do this at United, he just needs time.

There would be absolutely no difference for United, if they were to sack Van Gaal, and replace him with Mourinho. There would still be the same boring football (Mourinho is the king of ‘negative’ football); United would still have poor results, and fans would be as unhappy as they are now.

Mourinho would simply be the wrong option for United (at the moment). He would be a good option, when United would have had a well established team. Frankly, Mourinho would be a perfect manager to take reins from Ferguson (when he retired), but this current team is (except for a couple of players) totally different. In other words, United would have the same (even worse) problems playing under Mourinho.

Mourinho is very expensive manager, and he likes to spend money (a lot of money). This would mean that, if United would bring in Mourinho, they would have to pay a lot of money to sign him, to bring in new players, and (in the end) to get rid of him.

It would be a financial hit for United, without the possibility of winning a trophy.

United should give Van Gaal the time he needs to sort out his team. Obviously there are going to be poor results, but there are always poor results in transitions. Appointing Mourinho would be a really bad mistake for United (especially expensive one). He would probably bring them the 4th place, but from the bottom up.

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