Barcelona 6-1 Celta Vigo Highlights: Magical MSN sink Os Celestes

Match Highlights Barcelona entered a new home win, led by superb MSN. Messi opened the scoring from a brilliant freekick, but before the end of the first half, Celta levels the score from a penalty. In second half, all about Barca. Luis Suarez completes a hat-trick, Ivan Rakitic on Suarez’s assist scores for 5-1, while Neymar finished the job for the Catalans, sealing the final 6-1 win.

Pre Match Video

Barcelona were on Saturday (13 February) preparing to host Celta de Vigo on Sunday (14 February) in the 24th round of La Liga.

Luis Enrique, Barcelona coach:

(About Celta de Vigo)

“I think they are the only rival that have won twice against us since I started at Barcelona. The first game was a very clear victory for them. It means they are a dangerous and an attractive rival. In fact, for me they are one of the most attractive sides to watch on TV. They are brave, cunning, and they know how to put pressure on our side. They dominate all aspects of the game.”

“The only aspect about the Copa del Rey final that interests me is the fact that we will be playing in it. We’re against Sevilla, a very difficult team. Everything else else comes from you – the press. You will create lots of speculation from now until the day of the final. But as for me, I have already said where my priorities lie.”

(In a hushed voice, when asked about Barcelona being the right team for Neymar to become the world’s best player)

“I’ve just lost my voice. I’ve just lost my voice… because this is a question I have answered too many times.”

Team Lineups

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