Real Madrid 3-2 Valencia Highlights: Ronaldo Bags double, Los Blancos beat stubborn Ch

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Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane looked ahead to Sunday’s home game against Valencia in La Liga when he spoke to the press on Saturday (7th May).

Zinedine Zidane, Real Madrid coach (on the injured players)
“There are three injured players who won´t play tomorrow We´re going to have to be patient with them and we´ll see about the following game. After that we´ll have some time to get them all back for the final. But this is unavoidable, you know? At the end of a season like this one there are always a few injuries, a little bit of pain, which is the case, but we have to be patient.”

Zinedine Zidane, Real Madrid coach (on Cristiano Ronaldo)
“I think Ronaldo will play. He´ll play if he´s fine and he’s fine, I saw he was perfect. You’re asking (if he will rest) in order to prepare for the Champions League final but I think the best way to prepare for that is to think about the two matches we have left and make him play them, it´s important for him to play.”

“We have won 10 matches in a row and we need to keep this winning streak going. We have two Liga games ahead which are like two finals. We know we’re behind, one point behind. Our goal was to catch up with the team in second place and we’re still fighting for that. We know we’re able to get it and we have to focus on that. That’s the message I give to players: as long as there are minutes left to play we have to believe in our chances until the end. That´s what I´ll do. Until the last second of the last match.”

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