Yes the title is right ! Incredible scenes come from Italy. Nocerina players threatened with death if they play in the derby match against Salernitana, started to pretend to be injured. Eight players manage to “pick up” an injury in 20 minutes! The Italian Football again, is ashamed …

The Local derby in the Lega Pro Prima Divisione (third league), between Salernitana and Nocerina, was delayed 40 minutes because the supporters of visiting team threatened with death to their players, if they go out on the lawn and play.

Footballers of Nocerina for a long time hesitated, and when a security personnel finally persuaded them to start the match, after only two minutes because of “injury”, three players were substituted.

There was not the end of the absurd, as until the 20th minute of game another five players got ‘hurt’- Remedi 3 ‘, Palma 7’ Dante 13 ‘Kostadinovi 15’ and 20 Lepore ‘. Nocerina remained with only six players and the referee according to the rules was forced to stop the match. The home team went totally crazy, tensions were further increased with pushing and several players were sent off.

You wonder why they even threatened to their players ? The reason for the decision was that the Italian police because of security concerns forbidden the Nocerina fans to come to the game. Still, they came, and decided to put some pressure and make a death threats to their players if they participate in this derby.

Police followed them from the air and guess what , Nocerina fans themselves had a plane, which way flying with the clear message: “Respect Nocerina and their ultras!”

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