Shakhtar footballers celebrated in the fifth round of the Champions League with a 5-2 on an away game against Denmark’s Nordsjaelland. The match marked the shameful first goal of the Ukrainian team.

Domestic players have kicked the ball after the injury of one Ukrainian footballer. Willian then returned the ball (in mark of fair play), but Luiz Adriano intercepted his pass, bypassed the surprised home keeper and placed the ball into the empty net. Danish footballers could not believe how unsportsmanlike the Brazilian acted.

Watch Nordsjalland 2-5 Shakhtar Full match replay here

Match Highlights : Nordsjalland 2-5 Shakhtar (Nordstrand 24, Lorentzen 29 / Luiz Adriano 26, 53, 81, Willian 44, 50)

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