The whole team of Tottenham is not playing well, the Spurs for a long time does not show the games which they showed a few months ago. Harry Redknapp very clearly set team goals by the end of the season.

In Premier league,its to preserve the fourth position which leads in the Champions League, trough the playoffs, and in the FA Cup its winning the first trophy after 2008. year, when in the League Cup final Spurs win the trophy against Chelsea.

Chelsea has the same goals as the Spurs, winning one of the positions which leads in the Champions League next season, winning a trophy this this season, but the whole situation complicates them one fact, just three days after this FA Cup demi-final they play against the mighty Barcelona in the Champions League.

But,it seems that recent poor form of Spurs,once again managed to ruin their plans.This Sunday evening,in the end of the first half Chelsea took the lead over Drogba, in the 43th mintue,which was the final score of the first half.On the start of second half Chelsea trough Juan Mata increased the the lead to 2-0,and Gareth Bale five minutes after that decreased the score to 1-2.However,London Blues managed to score two more goals by Ramires and F.Lampard,and reach the FA Cup finals.Chelsea was the better team today,they had double shots on the goal,and slighty more of ball posession.

Highlights : Tottenham – Chelsea FA Cup

Tottenham 0-1 Chelsea Drogba brilliance!!! Amazing stuff from the centre-forward, holding off Gallas, spinning and spanking the ball home left-footed.

Tottenham 0-2 Chelsea Controversy at Wembley!!! Juan Mata is awarded the goal, but the ball did not cross the line. Also a valid argument for a foul by John Terry. Ridiculous refereeing.

Tottenham 1-2 Chelsea Bale halfs the deficit!!! Parker slips through Adebayor who is clattered by Cech. Bale is there to turn the ball in.

Tottenham 1-3 Chelsea Ramires does brilliantly!!! Mata chips a beautiful through-ball to Ramires who dabs the ball over the keeper.

Tottenham 1-4 Chelsea Lampard thunder-bolt!!! The Chelsea man beats Cudicini with a glorious free-kick strike from 30 yards.

Tottenham 1-5 Chelsea Malouda makes it five!!! Lovely pass from Juan Mata and Malouda turns it home.

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