Seven candidates have been confirmed and will stand in FIFA’s presidential election, including Michel Platini who is currently serving a 90-day ban from football.

Seven candidates will stand in FIFA’s presidential election in February next year.

Tokyo Sexwale is one of those. Nelson Mandela’s ex-prison mate has long been involved in South African politics.

He cut his teeth into football during the bidding process for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

Next in line is Jerome Champange.

The Frenchman worked alongside Sepp Blatter for 11 years at FIFA before leaving in 2010.

This will be his second running for the position.

Prince Ali bin Hussain is the current President of the Jordan Football Association.

Musa Bility is another President of his country’s football association, that of the Liberian FA.

Bility is heavily involved in the gas & oil industry.

Often seen as the hosts of UEFA’s football draws in the Champions League and so on, General Secretary Gianni Infantino has been involved in football for 15 years.

Michel Platini is currently serving a 90-day from football for corruption claims, he hopes to run and will be a likely favourite if he does so.

Last but not least, Sheikh Salman bin Ebrahim al-Khalifa is – like Platini was until suspension – a FIFA vice-president.

He makes up the seven who run for the FIFA Presidency on February 26 next year.

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