Reaction from Luis van Gaal and Alan Curtis after Manchester United beat Swansea 2-1 on Saturday (January 2nd).
Manchester United coach Louis van Gaal (on his player’s performance)
“We want to press, the players want to press. Because of our communication you know much more and how they want to play but it is a risk to play that. But we communicate and everybody has to do in their position their function and that is not so easy because it is more difficult and the space behind us is bigger and it is more easy for the opponent and still we are the dominating team: against Chelsea, today against Swansea City. That’s why I am proud that they can do it under this pressure. We have shown it already this season many, many times but now the situation is different and that’s why I have good hope that this is a starting point for more.”

Interim Swansea coach Alan Curtis (on recent performances)
“Certainly it has to be about the results in our situation at the moment but the performances have been decent enough. Funnily enough I thought we played better when United scored the early goal and, obviously, the couple of changes that we made we probably went for it a little bit more and I thought we caused them problems.”

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