Despite having a 1-0 lead thanks to Martial’s early goal, Manchester United in Germany lost the game 3-2 to Wolfsburg, and was eliminated from the Champions league competition. Louis van Gaal’s men will continue their journey in Europa league.

Reaction from Vfl Wolfsburg head coach Dieter Hecking and his Manchester United counterpart Louis Van Gaal on Tuesday (8th December) following a 3-2 win for the Bundesliga side in the final Champions League group stage game.

Louis van Gaal, Manchester United manager

“You have to listen I think, yes. Okay? Thank you. I have said already that this was a tight group, so I am not agreeing with your opinion that it was an easy group.”

“If you give within two minutes, two times a goal away after you have scored, yeah that is difficult to understand when you defend so well normally.”

“I have said also to the players, ‘Now it’s over in the Champions League. You cannot show your qualities anymore in the Champions League.’ That´s the highest podium and we want to do that, but we will have to wait till next year.”

“At the moment I cannot defend myself because we are out of the Champions League and every word that I say is the wrong word I think. You have seen that when you see the facts, we went further in the Capital one cup, we qualified for the Champions League group, we have played all of these matches and are still in a very good position in the (Premier) league so the facts are saying that we are better than last year so that is my answer because I can only give facts and I am also disappointed that we are out of the Champions League, of course.”

Dieter Hecking, VfL Wolfsburg head coach
“Congratulations to my team, who implemented a lot of what we discussed before the game and I think we saw a great game between two teams who knew it was about everything tonight.”

“We won all our home games, one must do this in the Champions League if you want to go further in the Champions league. We also won away.”

“I think also we deserved to win this game and also to win this group and get into the quarter-finals.”

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