Fans of Spanish football club Athletic Bilbao football fever has taken hold, so more than seven thousand of them preparing are on the way to Manchester to the eighth finals match against United in Europa League …

Athletic is currently the fourth team in Primera, which is playing in final of Copa del Ray Cup (against Barcelona), and in the final round of Europa League he play against Manchester United. Fans recognize this success so more than seven thousand, what with the cards some without them, are ready for the journey to England.

Originally a Spanish club, was given 4138 tickets for Old Trafford, but due the indifference of English supporters this has led to an increase in the number of tickets as early as 2500. Thus, nearly seven thousand people with the cards and apparently hundreds of them without travel to Manchester which is considered the largest movement of visiting fan in football history, excluding the final major competition on equal terms.

– We come to win, not only occur in the field – said Bilbao midfielder Ander Herrera.

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