The legendary French striker Thierry Henry recently has scored his 400th goal in his career.If you are an Ireland fan, than its 399th goal.

So, whats the story with this goal you might ask.Yes, Thierry scored so far a lot of goals, and some of them were pretty spectacular, or important, but none, until now has gone so much viral over the world as this one.

Against Toronto, MLS, Henry scored a goal. Some could think that after winning major titles in football, the 36-year-old Thierry Henry would be able to rest on his laurels—as it turns out.They are wrong, because Henry’s 400th goal celebration become an internet meme as he sparked the football world.

So, What is Henrying?

Henrying is leaning with arm on hip after a job well done.The same did Thierry after scoring the goal, and related to his surname, the name “Henrying” was given.

Let´s see some funny memes of Henrying

Thierry Henry : ” There was no intention for this celebration, but really. I just needed a rest. I stood there, I saw the post, just as I stepped in Houston. And that day I saw the post and that was it, I simply stood by. Now all the jokes with pictures of my celebration are all over the internet, I am happy and satisfied because it is laughable, “said Henry the day after the game.

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