Barcelona player have celebrated the away game against Osasuna with 2-1 in the second round of Spanish football league. Until the 75th minutes of a match it looked as if it would repeat last season when Osasuna with a 3-2 against Barcelona celebrated and inflicted a heavy blow to Barcelona in the battle with Real Madrid for the title.

Osasuna took the lead in Pamplona after less than 17 minutes over Joseba Llorente, Real Sociedad´s player ona loan.

But reprisal of the last season match didn’t happen,as Lionel Messi with two goals brought a 2-1 victory for Barcelona.

With this victory, Barcelona already after two rounds made a gap of +5 points in front of Real Madrid .

Osasuna – Barcelona 1-2 Highlights (Llorente 17 / Messi 75, 80)

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