This season Messi with Barcelona won’t be the La Liga champion, but Messi with style finished this season.

Maybe not not with style, but for history! The Argentinian in the 73rd minute missed a penalty, then a few minutes later he scored, and in injury time Messi ensured that Barcelona’s game vs Eibar at least with something positive stays remembered.

Messi received the ball in the center,run towards the goal in his characteristic slalom shuffled the entire defense of Eibar and scored for the final 4:2.

Barcelona was behind 2:0 until the 63rd minute and until the end managed to pull a comeback win which in the end wasn’t enough to celebrate La Liga title given that Real Madrid with 2-0 was better than Malaga, thus La Liga title went to Madrid.

Watch Barcelona 4-2 Eibar Highlights

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  1. The only other player who was able to do such magic with the ball at his feet was Maradona. Talents you are born with, no one can teach you that.

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