Manchester City manager Manuel Pellegrini discussed the possibility of video technology being introduced to Soccer in the near future at his press conference on Friday

“I think that each manager can have one play in each 45 minutes to review, just one, and about important things, about red cards, about a penalty, about a goal, just one to review.”

Manuel Pellegrini, Manchester City manager (Q: Do you think video technology would disrupt the flow of the game?):

“I repeat if you don’t change the criterion of the referee, if not it is impossible, because you see on the TV after the game you have three or four different opinions about the same play, that’s impossible. But to arrange a mistake, if the foul was inside or outside of (the box), he whistle a penalty because the ball hits the hand and he hits the chest, those things yes, but I don’t think just one or two a game, not more because it is impossible to do.”

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