We had a great transfer season we had this summer, right? Paul Pogba and Zlatan heading to Man U, Gonzalo Higuain transferred to Napoli rivals in Juventus, while Real Madrid and FC Barcelona loaded up on new young talent to fill their coffers.

Following the transfer period has become a past time in it’s own right, in a way extending the length of our domestic leagues by bringing intrigue, rumor, and blockbuster deals. Even more exciting, we can BET on this transfer period. For those gamblers “itching” for a bet, the offseason can be excruciating, that is, until you find out about transfer window betting. Yes, thats right, transfer window bets. What, you didn’t know you can speculate on where players will land? No worries, I am here to help you. Here are a few handy tips when speculating on the transfer period.


  1. Know the Rules of Transfer for each individual league

Yes, this sounds like a lot of work, but it’s really not. If you’re an avid football fan, there is a good chance that you already intrinsically know the most of the transfer rules. If you watch football on the telly, they discuss transfer complications and dates and figures regularly, so you may have absorbed some knowledge you didn’t know you had. Either way, know the transfer period for each league, know as much you can about football contracts, and you will have a big leg up on transfer betting. Sometimes it is patently obvious that a deal cannot or will not be processed just due to logistics. The bookies know this, but not all of the bettors do. Use that to your advantage.
This website has a list of the transfer window for each league as well as some general rules.


  1. Follow the players and clubs on social media

You never know what kind of information you can get from a footballer’s twitter profile at 3am on a rainy night in Stoke. Sometimes you can see through media interactions of players/teams to see how they feel about certain situations that they may not outwardly present to traditional media.


  1. Start small and build up a bankroll

This is just regular betting advice, but when jumping into transfer betting, it really helps to start small and get your bearings. It also helps to do some research on what kind of sign-up bonuses online books will offer you. There is a Bovada bonus, William Hill Bonus, Betser bonus, I mean nearly any book will offer some kind of bonus–I recommend you take it to help your bankroll in the initial period. Different sites do offer different bonuses, for example some Betser bonus promotions are very unique and interesting. This particular site offers money back for ballsy bettors that make bold bets (and the same for brainy bettors who only bet chalk). Anyway, you get the point–these books want your business and will offer promos to get it! Use that!

  1. Know Your History

Some teams are generally buyers, and some teams are generally sellers. Manchester United and your Real Madrid are the teams (among others) with deep pockets that are always favored to land the top transfer players. Simply put, these teams can bid higher on transfer fees and the players generally want to go to these world class organizations, who wouldn’t? More subtly, try to learn which teams often transfer with each other. This can mean that the organizations have a good working relationship, or that there is a natural pipeline in place for talented youngsters.


Remember, like any gambling, there is a chance for addiction and unhealthy behavior. If you or someone you know is addicted to gambling, there is help out there! Otherwise have fun, be smart!


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