“Life teaches us difficult lessons. We woke up this morning with new challenges. Our warriors have become heroes. They went into eternity, and because of their fight, the world stopped. Today we play a game that does not have the last whistle. We are now, together, more than one team, more than 11 players on the field. Green hurricane is an eternal winner and in difficult times,” said from the Brazilian club.

The great tragedy united the football world, and today many clubs and football players showed wonderful support for the football club Chapecoense. A special scene yesterday occurred on a cult stadium, Anfield.

Before the English League Cup match between Liverpool and Leeds a transparent was set in support to the unfortunate club, while to listen a famous song “You’ll Never Walk Alone” was even more special and one of the saddest versions ever.

The absolute quiet in the moment of silence for Chapecoense before the Liverpool v Leeds United game is both touching and haunting

Immediately after the emotional song was a minute of silence.

Liverpool and its fans can only be an example to others in the world. Great respect they’ve sparked worldwide.

“These are the last pictures of our warriors,” wrote the stuff of Chapecoense on Facebook. It was only the second of their post after a terrible plane crash, in which died virtually the entire club.”

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