Reaction from managers Arsene Wenger and Luis Enrique after Barcelona beat Arsenal 2-0 on Tuesday (24th February) in the first leg of their UEFA Champions League last 16 tie.

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Arsene Wenger, Arsenal manager (on Barcelona being almost through):

“Barcelona are 95 per cent through, but we want to go there and play. We are Arsenal football club and we won’t go there and have absolutely no chance. What we want to do now is focus on our next game. It is a shame our players didn’t get any satisfaction tonight because energy wise we put everything into it.”

Arsene Wenger, Arsenal manager (on Barcelona players protesting when they get tackled):

“They are tricky you know. When they go down they shout, they never go down silent. That influences the referee every time. All of them, not one goes down without shouting.”

Luis Enrique, Barcelona manager (on what he liked about Barcelona’s display):

“What did I like about Barcelona tonight? I liked everything about Barcelona today, I liked everything from the beginning. I liked the way we scored, we had plenty of possession in the first half. We managed to have the ball a lot. Our opponent’s defended with every player in their own half but we still managed to hamper them. In the second half they were able to press a little bit higher and we were able to manage the transition and that’s how we were able to turn the game in our favour. I liked everything about Barcelona tonight.”

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