You like watching a game, that’s why you’re here, but what about taking an extra step, taking football and other sports to the next level? To spice up games in Premier league, or Champions league?

Making profit comfortably from your sofa while watching sport without having to commute to work every day has been the dream of generations.  Is this just a dream or t is something that can become reality? It is true that the house always win or there are opportunities for skilled sportsbetting players to make a consistent income from betting online? We have decided to look into this matter and have spoken with Bettingtips4you who are the most popular UK online betting tips providers. As we sat down with chief editor John Pentin we ask immediately the most important question:

So John, is it only a dream come true to make a living by betting on sport?

Absolutely not. I have more than 15 years experience both as professional player and trader and I can certainly say that I have seen many that have made sportsbetting their profession. Having said that tough I have seen also many people being ruined by online gambling and the latter are clearly more so there are risks involved that everyone interested need to be fully aware of. As everything tough with the right strategy and consistency there are huge opportunities at the moment especially as the competition between online operators has forced the majority of bookmakers to provide better odds and better offers with the customers that are in a much better place than few years ago. Nowadays betting has become so widespread that you can find the latest odds even on top websites like SkySports or even BBC News.

What is the service that you provide at BettingTips4you? Is it free?

The website was born in 2013 and has immediately become a point of reference for thousands of sportsbetting enthusiasts in the UK and abroad. The idea was to bring together true betting tips experts and provide a service to users that needed assistance and that were tired of losing money against bookmakers. We never guarantee any profit as we do not have a magic stick unfortunately but we also know that with the right preparation there are great opportunities everyday in the sportsbetting environment. We do provide daily match previews and analysis so that punters can see our rationale when suggesting a bet. We will never ever charge visitors for our tips. Our service is and will always be completely free. Advertising is how we manage to keep the site running. We invite everyone that has interest in betting to come and take a look: we cover mostly football but we also have tips on other major sporting events and also have the best free bets offers around. We do also have a betting guide section with useful tips to get you going and also bookmakers reviews to help you pick the operators that are the best fit for you.

What are the most popular betting markets?

Although home draw away market is always the most popular, there are a number of new betting markets that are having more and more success. In our site we have therefore decided to dedicate a full section to accumulators and we have lots of readers every day that follow our tips. We have been doing also some £10 to £1,000 Challenges were we start with just £10 and try to make a profit of £1,000. We have been able to complete successfully few of those already so I suggest you go and take a quick look as the risk is very limited but the reward could be very tasty.

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