There is no comparing of football we used to watch some thirty or even twenty and ten years ago, to the game betting we are witnessing these days.

Football has evolved and has become one of the most physically demanding sports on the planet. The professional football players are required to be top athletes who go on to break barriers and change the perception of the game.

With the entire game become more physical every day, speed has become one of the most important aspects and traits. The emergence of technology has allowed football clubs, leagues and competitions to collect data and perform measurements and analyses in order to make the players stronger and faster. Football is not anymore about pure talent, even though when we speak about the like of Lionel Messi and similar players, all falls apart. This makes football much more interesting, and as such people tend so spice up things by betting on the most popular game on planet. So, if you’re one of those, who like to spice up things, check other aspects of the football betting on Bonuscorner.

And although some players are naturally fast and speedy, some of the football professionals can go on to surprise you with one-off challenges that stay recorded and written in the history books for good.

Among the currently active footballers the likes of Gareth Bale, Theo Walcott and most recently Hector Bellerin remain considered as some of the fastest football players around, but the official data from FIFA offer some surprising results when it comes to the top 5 fastest footballers in the world.

Lynden Gooch

The speed of 35.16 km/h recorded in October 2016 is an impressive piece of statistics for the Sunderland 21-year-old footballer who is yet to be given a full chance in the first-team.

Mathew Leckie

Ingolstadt speedstar Mathew Leckie has grabbed the headlines back in march 2016 when he officially became the fastest player in the German Bundeliga. The Australian forward was recorded to speed up to record 35.18 km/h in his team’s 3-3 draw with Stuttgart, during which he also got his name on the scoresheet.

Antonio Valencia

Manchester United long-serving winger Antonio Valencia was clocked at impressive 35.20 km/h, which at 31 years of age still makes him the fastest player in his club and a speed to be reckoned with in global proportions.

Shane Long

Southampton forward Shane Long boasts the title of being the fastest player in the Premier league, whereas he also sits at the very top when it comes to the world’s list.

Long was recorded at 35.31 km/h in 2016 which is the fastest ever record in the English top tier ever since Opta started collecting data and recording statistics.

Arjen Robben

Bayern Munich winger is untouchable at the top of the world’s fastest footballers list with his 37.00 km/h run recorded back in 2014.

The Netherlands star tore through Spain’s defence at the 2014 FIFA World Cup as he split through Alba and Ramos to score his second goal and Holland’s fifth in the demolition display of 5-1.

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