Cristiano Ronaldo after four years of Lionel Messi’s “reign” , returned the Ballon d’Or in his closet, where the same was last back in 2008, while he was still playing for Alex Fergunson’s Manchester United.

The most prestigious individual trophy in the football world , which is awarded by France Football and FIFA to the best player, went to a player behind which is truly a magnificent season with more goals than games played.

Goals for the Spanish giant, Real Madrid and Portugal, Cristiano Ronaldo scored on a lot of different ways, from a various distances and he also made a lot of assists.

The best of the best seasons in his last season’s career, Ronaldo summed up in a video lasting a minute and a half, with which Ronaldo thanked to fans for their support and shown why he deserved the Ballon d’Or award.
In less than two days, his skills seen over half a million people.

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