The ‘Royal Club’ from Madrid is worth $ 3.44 billion, from which only in a season 2012./13. the Los Blancos generated a $ 675 million.

Catalan club, Barcelona FC are worth over three billion worth (3.2) and they are placed on the second place, while third is the English club, Manchester United who is valued to 2.81 billion euros.
From the fourth to the tenth are lined up teams from American sports, with the exception only of Bayern Munich, who is on seventh place with a value of 1.85 billion dollar.

A list of the most valuable clubs:
Real Madrid first $ 3,440,000,000
2nd Barcelona 3.2
3rd Manchester United 2.81
4th New York Yankees 2.5
5th Dallas Cowboys 2.3
6th LA Dodgers 2.0
7th Bayern 1.85
8th New England Patriots 1.8
9th Washington Redskins 1.7
10th New York Giants 1.55

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